Sven Finch (sˈven ˈfɪntʃ) was the maternal great-grandfather of Edith Finch and the husband of Edie Finch. He was the family member that demonstrated the architectural knowledge that resulted in the creation of the Finch House and the creation of his dragon-shaped slide that crushed him during the twelfth birthday of his son, Walter Finch.

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  • Sven's appearance is rare in the game, only appearing in Molly Finch's flashback as a cat when looking through an available house window and later in the game as a caricature in a storybook he and Edie wrote. Despite the minor appearances, his impact to the story is the creation of the Finch House by his hand, which is where the entire game takes place along with the transpiring events through Edith's adventures.

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