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Molly Finch Memorial

"It all started the day Mom sent me to bed without dinner."
– Excerpt from Molly's diary

Molly Finch (ˈmɑː.li ˈfɪntʃ | Maalee Finch) was the first child and the first daughter of Edie and Sven. Molly is the first in the game to have her story witnessed by Edith Finch. Molly was sent to bed without dinner, so she goes around eating non-edibles until she dies from poisoning.

Personality Edit

Molly was a little girl, who seemed to love the color pink and her pets: a gerbil and a goldfish. She had a very active, yet disturbing imagination as expressed by her last diary entry that Edith reads and the player lives through.

Gameplay Edit

The player plays as Molly acting out the last day of her life in accordance with the diary entry she wrote. Molly starts by waking up in bed, unable to sleep because she was so hungry, and her mother made her go to bed without eating. First, she eats her gerbil's food and looks for her Halloween candy. She finds no candy so she goes to the bathroom. Here, she eats an entire tube of toothpaste before she eats the berries from the holly on her window sill.

From this point, Molly's story turns otherworldly. Molly sees a bird outside of her window and turns into a cat in order to chase it and eat it. After eating the bird, Molly turns into an owl in order to hunt rabbits so she can feed her bottomless hunger. After consuming rabbits, Molly turns into a shark that falls into the ocean so she can eat a seal. Afterward, Molly turns into a "monster" (either a large snake or a large octopus) that lands on a ship. Molly eats every passenger on board before smelling her human self. She slithers through the pipes of her bathroom and under her bed where she wakes up as a human in her bed. She claims the monster is still under her bed where it is waiting for her to fall asleep so it can eat her.

Death Edit

Consuming holly berries (which cause hallucinations due to excessive body stress and lack of oxygen and nutrients) in combination with ingesting large amounts of potentially fluorinated toothpaste (lethal to children especially) had likely resulted in her hallucinations throughout the rest of the story, as she didn't remember making it to her bed where she later awoke from her hallucinated state only to fall asleep and succumb to the poison within her.

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