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Kay's and Sam's divorce contract

I'm sure [Gregory's] happy. And he'd want you to be happy too. Good luck, Kay. Love, Sam.
– Excerpt from Sam's letter to Kay

Introduction Edit

Kay Finch (formerly Kay Carlyle[1]) is the ex-wife of Sam Finch, and the mother of Dawn, Gus, and Gregory. She divorces Sam following Gregory's death, for which she appears to have felt personally responsible.

Appearance Edit

Kay has fair skin and brown eyes. Her hair is dark and short. In game she seems to like pink things, which is also shown by her clothing.

Personality Edit

Kay is not shown or referenced very much during the game, although one bathroom of the house is covered in pink carpeting. Edith remarks that Kay left her mark on the house by designing the bathroom like that. However, based on Sam's note to Kay, she seems to have been consumed by guilt after Gregory drowned. In the letter, Sam reassures her that it wasn't her fault and that she did all she could; however, Gregory's death was implied to be the catalyst for their divorce.

References Edit

  1. Kay's divorce contract states her maiden name

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