I wish that I could say I thought about you (...). But I didn't until we found you.
– Dawn Finch about her brother in her poem.

Introduction Edit

Gus Finch (ˈɡəs ˈfɪntʃ) was the son of Sam Finch and Kay Finch, the younger brother of Dawn Finch, and the older brother of Gregory Finch. He was a rebellious teen who did not listen to his father and did not want to hear about his dad getting married once more after he divorced.[1]

Appearance Edit

Gus had fair skin, blue eyes and a pink mohawk. On the portrait painted by Edie we can see him wearing a blue shirt, and in gameplay, he has a spiky bracelet.[2]

Personality Edit

Death Edit

Gus died due to being hit by a flying tent on his father's wedding. There was a huge storm on that day, everybody went to hide in the tent, but Gus didn't go with them and continued to play with his kite. The storm grew more dangerous, flashes of lightning were striking, the tent in which the wedding took place flew to the sky and then fell into him, making him fall on the grass. It took a turn and then it flew directly into Gus with such speed that it killed him.[3]

Dawn's poem Edit

Who always said the wedding was a bad idea

Our father never hit us kids, at least not very hard

Before the day my brother said with teenage disregard

That he'd be dead before he'd see a wedding in our yard

My father made him come of course, but Gus stood far apart

Just flew a kite and bottled up the storm inside his heart

I tried to talk him out of it, but though he'd never met her

"We don't need a stepmom" were the words that I remember

When the time for photos came Dad ordered him to "Come here!"

But Gus declined and as a sign held up his middle finger

The wind picked up and panicked geese appeared and quickly went

But all that the humans did was go inside the tent

The rain came down in buckets but no one seemed afraid

The nature might destroy the tent our dad had crudely made

The thunder sounded much too close and full of angry power

But all my father said to this was "Make the music louder!"

I wish that... I wish that I could truly say I thought about you on that day

Out there on the beach alone, just you the wind the sea and foam

But I didn't, until we found you.[4]

References Edit

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