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The Finch House is a residence within the woods next to an ocean. It is a large complex that branches its rooms and other structures to its left diagonally due to the house holding the timeline of various Finch family members. Since each Finch has a distinct personality, the rooms each have a different look and story to it, ranging from a simple kitchen to a sky-high art room.

The residence has been abandoned for an estimate of seven years and has not been treated to since the departure of Edith Finch and Dawn Finch, who leave behind Edie Finch because she tried to convince them to stay despite a "curse" lurking about the residence and Finch name. Despite being abandoned for such a time, the residence is structurally sound, has a clean, untouched interior, and is safe to walk through when one is at the top levels of the building. The building also has solar panels powering the third and fourth floor of the house, showing that the electricity is still working in the house despite the rest of the building being unpowered.

As a result, Edith is able to explore the house and learn more about her family from the help of preservation, beginning What Remains of Edith Finch.

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