Edith Finch (ˈiːd.ɪθ ˈfɪntʃ | Eedithh Finch) was the main character of What Remains of Edith Finch, she was the only survivor of the Finch family who inherited the Finch House after her mother Dawn Finch died and travels through the house to fill out her family tree and figure out what happened to her ancestors.

Appearance Edit

Edith is never seen in the game aside from her notebook drawing. Based on the drawing, she has dark brown hair tied in a ponytail. She has freckles on her face and wears a ring on a necklace.

Personality Edit

As a little girl, Edith is shown to be somewhat stubborn, as she firmly resists having Edie's book being taken, and she also resists Dawn's decision to leave without Edie.

As a teenager, however, she seems to be much more mature, contemplating the significance of each family member's demise. Edith also demonstrates herself to be inquisitive and curious, as she ventures throughout the various hidden passageways and sealed rooms to find the answers she seeks.

Story Edit

After Edith inherits the family house following her mother's death (as well as a padlock key that allows her to traverse the house), she travels back to the house to uncover her family history. She enters the house and, throughout the course of the game, ventures from room to room. Edith discovers shrines to nearly all of her family members, documenting their stories in her journal and gradually filling out her family tree. Partway through the game, she mentions that the reason for her exploration is that she is 22 weeks pregnant, and wants to inform her future son about his family. After investigating every other family member's story, she reaches her old bedroom and recounts her family's last night in the house:

That night, Dawn and Edie got into an argument about Edie's refusal to leave (and Edie's insistence on telling Edith the stories of the others). Edith is sent away from the dinner table and discovers a secret passageway into the previously-sealed library. There, she discovers a book left for her by Edie; this book tells the story of what happened the night Edith was born. The story retells how the old house was above-ground that day due to an earthquake in the ocean that receded the tide. Edie went out to investigate and claimed that the house suddenly appeared intact and that a light came on in the window. Before Edith can read further, Dawn appears and tries to take the book away from Edith; this results in the book tearing, and Edith never discovering the end of the story. That night, Dawn left the Finch house with Edith for the last time, leaving Edie to wait for a nursing-home van to pick her up. Edie dies later that night, and Edith never sees her again. Several years later, Dawn succumbs to an unknown disease, leaving Edith as the last Finch.

Nine months later, Edith gives birth her son, and dies in childbirth. She leaves to her son the journal she had written in, and at the end of the game her son places flowers on her grave outside the house.

Her son is named Christopher, even though his last name is unknown. [2]

Trivia Edit

  • The significance of the ring on Edith's necklace is never revealed. It is possible that the ring belonged to Dawn; another possibility is that it is an engagement ring from her boyfriend.

References Edit

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